Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Fixes: Tame Unruly Hair into Beachy Waves

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If your hair is anything like mine...It's unmanageable to the max!  If I don't do anything to it, it's wavy, frizzy, thick, kinky and even straight in some places...what the HECK!?  It's like a cross between Taylor Swift and a beach bum maybe?  I have no idea.  Don't get me wrong...If I want it to behave, it will.  My hair can hold almost any type of style.  It just takes soooo much work, product and heat to get it to be where I want it.  After lot's of one on one fights with my hair, I came up with some ways to make hair like ours behave (well at least a little bit!) while spending minimal time on it  ;)

Find a natural shampoo & conditioner 
Gorgeous hair starts with a good base.  The sulfates found in shampoos strip hair of its natural oils/moisture, therefore, making it frizzy.  And the silicones that conditioners have, stay on the hair and result in buildup.  A brand I really like is from the Treseme Naturals line (the moisture kind).  It's affordable and accessible.  And best of all, they WORK.  My hair has never been this clean and shiny before!  :)

Minimize Heat
As difficult as this may seem...the heat only does more damage than good.  I will usually shower at night, blow dry my bangs so they don't dry too crazy and go to bed with my hair damp (not wet!).  In the morning I will flat iron large sections of my hair just to tame down volume and kinks...but don't straighten to get it perfectly straight.  It's going to give you a messy look.  Then when you achieve your desired volume you want, take a curling iron and wrap random sections around the barrel to give you that sexy, beachy look.  
**Don't forget that heat protectant!!  :)

Don't Wash Everyday
Hair will look its best the second day.  That's when the natural oils and moisture come back after washing and gives hair that sexy bedhed look.  Plus the next day styling isn't going to take that long.  Just use a curling iron in the morning for touch ups and you're good to go! :)

Serum is Your Best Friend
Use about a dime-sized amount (depending on your hair's thickness) for those pesky fly-aways.  Keep a small bottle in your purse, backpack or gym bag for touch ups on the go.  One of my all-time favs is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.


Best of luck to you and your hair!  :)  I'm planning on making a YouTube video about this post.  So subscribe and stay tuned!!

Happy Hair Taming!
xo.  Laura


  1. Hunter87 said...

    Very good hair tips.Thank you!!
    Im a new follower.

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