Monday, November 28, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Plum & Red

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Hello Beauties.

It's been way too long since my last post.  I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving.  With the Christmas holiday season rapidly sneaking up on us, I was finding myself needing some fashion inspiration.

I was at the grocery store (of all places haha.) and saw they had the cherries and blackberries next to each other.  I thought this was such a cute color combo...I wondered if it would work together...

I didn't think this odd color combination would work well with larger pieces such as shirts, pants, etc.  Personally, I like wearing more plain clothes and adding punches of color here and there.  I've put together a couple of pieces you can use to accessorize with to transform winter fashion "blahs" into a polished look.

Plum Scarf and Cherry-Red Shoes

Use these to dress up jeans and a long-sleeve white t-shirt.  Or you can wear the scarf over a brown or black coat and wear the shoes with skinny jeans.  Whatever way you choose, you'll turn heads in this bright, yet subtle combination.

Scarf: $14.99 at Target
Red Patent Shoes: About $12 at Target (in stores)

For Your Nails

I know in the picture "carry on" looks a little brown, but together, these two colors are to die for!
You can do the dark shade on your hands and have red toes or the other way around.  They look amazing together and I've gotten so many compliments.  This combo would be fantastic to wear to a holiday party.  You can have the red peeking through your little black shoes or the dark purple popping through gold glitter heels.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to help you out of your almost-end-of-fall fashion funk.  Stay gorgeous and be kind to others.


-We have a flippin' ant farm making themselves right at home in our kitchen.  Just bought some bait to get rid of these little suckers.  So annoying!

-I've found my new favorite candle scent.  It's Holiday Time's "Hot Apple Cider" from Walmart just $5 and it smells sooo yummy!

-I put my my Christmas tree!!  It's small, but just the right size for our little apartment.


  1. BeautyByKellie said...

    just found your blog :) Really Love it Soo Fresh xo

  2. Laura said...

    @BeautyByKellie Thanks so much! :)

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