Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Fridge

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It's time to debut my "Tip Tuesday" Posts!!  These will be just little ideas that I use on a daily basis that hopefully you will find them helpful, too.

I wanted to share with you an affordable way to organize your fridge.  Places like bed bath and beyond sells these shelving units that are made specifically for refrigerator items.  The only problem with them is that they are so dang expensive!!  I have took it upon myself to find a cheaper alternative to turning the chaos of your fridge into something that is functional & visually appealing.

Behold...The plastic Target shoebox....

*These are that "Re" style brand found at Target stores

*They were only $5 for a pack of 5 (at the time, I'm not sure if they are still on sale right now)

*They're clear so you are able to see what's inside them.

*I like to organize mine by category.  There is fruit, veggies, meat, etc.  But get creative.  You can organize them however you want!  :)

*I kept the lids and put them in a storage closet.  I don't use them in the fridge bc I like having easy access to the foods.  Taking the lids on and off becomes kind of a hassle.

Aaaand here's the finished product!!  :)  I would have taken a picture of my entire fridge, but I'm in the process of cleaning it out and it looks a little messy.

Hope you got some ideas on how to organize your own fridge, closet, pantry or anything else that needs a little TLC.

xoxo Laura


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