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Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Polish Haul

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Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Polish Haul

Ok, so when there are sales on nail polish....I can't help myself.  And this week it was a gold mine for nail polish sales.  I justify it in my head as "it's cheaper to buy a bottle than get a manicure".  Well, then I look in my drawer and figure I have spent way more than a monthly manicure.  Owell.  Some people collect stamps, others collect dolls.  I collect nail polish.

Walgreens is having a Sinful Colors sale $0.99/ea!  They do this regularly, so if you happened to miss this sale, don't worry.  Keep an eye on their ads for their next sale.  So I got 5 for $5!  I haven't tried any of these on my nails yet, but descriptions of each color are below.

Queen of Beauty: Chunky silver glitter polish.  I tried it out as soon as I got home and it gives just enough sparkle without being over powering.  *perfect!*

Cinderella: Soft baby blue with pink micro shimmer.  It's not chunky enough to be a pain to take off, but it catches the light just beautifully.  Kind of reminds me of the opposite of Kimpletely in Love by Nicole OPI.

Unicorn: Your soft yellow.  If you are wanting to try a yellow nail polish, but not sure which hue will suit your skintone...give this one a try.  Softer yellows can compliment any skintone.  Plus yellow is perfect for springtime!

Folly: Bright deep pink that leans towards the red color family.  This will look gorgeous on any skintone.  I'm thinking of using this as a pedicure color.

Glass Pink: The reason I went to Walgreens.  I wanted to get Kimpletely in love, but this looks like an exact dupe.  It is a soft pink with a shimmer to it.  The only difference I noticed is that Kimpletely seems to be a little less shimmery.


Now for the China Glaze portion.  Sallys AND Ulta were having a buy two get one free sale this week.  So I got 3 at Ulta and 6 at Sally's.

Gothic Lolita: A beautiful purple.  It's almost like a deep-colored neon.  SO pretty..Especially on those toes!

Wicked Style: Your average bright pink, but it has some red mixed in to make it a tad bit of a deeper shade.

Sun Worshiper: I thought this one was so unique.  The camera makes it look yellow, but it has more orange in it.  It's a bright yellow-orangy neon.  So pretty!

Peachy Keen: A perfect peach color.  If you want to branch out and try new, bold colors, start with peach and work your way up to yellows, blues and greens.

Flip Flop Fantasy: I finally tracked down this sucker.  I wore it yesterday and it's a gorgeous neon pink.

Happy Go Lucky: A brighter, lemon-colored yellow.

For Audrey: A classic shade that everybody always buzzes about.  It's a gorgeous minty-turquoise.

Sea Spray: A greyed-out blue.

Electric Beat: I think it is best described as a neon baby blue.  It's not super bright, but gorgeous on the nails.


Hope y'all enjoyed it.  Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite polish colors are for spring/summer.  Blog post coming soon about which ones in my collection I'm going to pull out for these next few summer months.

xoxo.  Laura


  1. Brittany Elaine said...

    You are gonna LOVE Flip Flop Fantasy! The other colors are gorgeous as well! Just picked up a bunch of Sinful Colors Polish from Walgreens today! It's such a great deal!

    Great Post!


  2. Laura said...

    @Brittany I tried it out the other day and I'm in LOVE! haha. It's def gonna be a staple color this summer. :)

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